I participated in a study abroad program during my second semester at Kent State University. This included a class that involved designing a tourism poster and a map with a demo video showing how to use it. We also learning the history of Berlin, Prague and Dublin, followed by at 10 day excursion to said cities at the end of the semester. 
My location was Old Town Square, in Prague, Czech Republic. I created an abstracted and simplified flat illustration of the Astronomical Clock, utilizing an art deco inspired font and a color scheme based on the colors found in the architecture of Old Town Square. For my second poster, I created a whimsical hand drawn illustration of the most prominent and well known buildings in Old Town Square.
For my map design, I created an interactive walking tour app using ReadyMag. The user is initially asked a few quick questions, and the app then creates a walking tour of Old Town Square based on the users answers. the tour includes a few illustrations that I created, as well as a brief history or tidbit of information about each location. For the demo video, I illustrated a cartoon of a girl going to Prague, and using the app, which I titled "Mavis Goes to Prague."
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