Akron Ascent Innovations is a nano-fiber technology company that creates groundbreaking, bio-inspired dry adhesives. They needed an updated and modernized website and logo to match their mission, which is based on providing the latest technology and innovation.
For the logo, I took inspiration from the company's electro-spinning technology. I used the overlapping configuration of their initials found in their original logo, but with a looser, more delicate and fluid iteration to represent the movement of the nano-fibers during their production processes. I also updated the type treatment with a font that has clean lines and sharp edges to add to the modernity of the whole package. 
With a limited budget and restrictions on imagery of their proprietary technology and formulations, I created a futuristic looking site by utilizing captivating black and white photos of patterns that loosely allude to the structural integrity of the companies product. Finally, I streamlined the navigation of the site with an easy to find and simple menu in the top right of every page. This was done so that visitors could easily find the most pertinent information. 
To minimize the possibility of the overall look feeling too sterile and cold, I also used photos of people working together. This was done to increase a more humanistic and friendly feeling to the website, as the company is continuously looking for new connections and ways to work with other companies. I added a large and noticeable "Contact" button in the top right to further develop communications.
I also designed sites for their branded technology, ShearGrip.com, and for their consumer facing product line, ThePinless.com.
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